1. Launch Event

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Scottish Housing Economics and Finance Research Network
Launch Event 15th June 2006
(Draft schedule as at 17th May 06)
9.30am Registration
10.00am Scone and Jam with Tea/Coffee/Cold Drinks
10.30am Seminar Intro from the Chair: Dr Tony O'Sullivan (Director of New Haven Research, former Chief Economist at Communities Scotland/Scottish Homes)
10.35am Main Speakers (45mins): Dr Eric Levin (University of Glasgow) and Prof Robert Wright (University of Strathclyde): "Demographic Change and the Housing Market"
11.15am   Response from Discussant 1 (15 mins):  Donald Macrae (Lloyds TSB) - Lender Perspective
11.30am   Response from Discussant 2 (15 mins):  Mark Hordern (GSPC) - Estate Agent Perspective
11.45am   Discussion from the floor (40 mins)
12.30pm  LUNCH
1.30pm  Brain-Storming Session on Future of SHEFRN: Intro from the Chair: Dr Gwilym Pryce (Deputy Director of the Graduate School and Chair of the Housing Research Group, University of Glasgow)
1.35pm  Issues, Activities, Roles & Funding -- Discussion to be led by 10 min talks from the following speakers:
David Webster (Housing Strategy Manager, Glasgow City Council)
Anthony Andrew (Chief Property Advisor, Scottish Executive)
Gareth Claase (Economist, Royal Bank of Scotland)
Ken Ross (Managing Director of the Elphinstone Group)
Dr Michael White (University of Aberdeen)
Prof David Adams (University of Glasgow)
3.30pm  Chair to Close
3.35pm  Wine/Tea/Coffee/Cold Drinks